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We actively engage in co-production relationships with writers, producers, and friends throughout the world. Our core group of producers and storytellers are backed by a post production team to make our content. Out of house, we have an open mind, a loyal network of industry friends, and the drive to work hard, collaborate, and create breakthrough programming!


Stunning images don’t just happen; they are the result of preparation, vision, skill, and experience. In production, the director’s right hand or eye is the DP. With thousands of hours of footage under our belt we know how to get the most out of every shot. There is the talent of operator, the right choice of tools, location, on-camera talent and more. At NWD we have the unique combination of people, tools and experience to bring it all together.


In storytelling, “content is king”. In production, the director is a close second. It is the director’s job to make sure that entire project tells the story. Working with staff and out of house directors NWD will make sure your story gets told with passion and clarity.


What did he say?… Words you never want to hear when you are trying to tell your story. Just as important as the picture, the sound can make or break a production. At NWD we HEAR you and we make sure you can be HEARD. Hear the difference years of audio production experience makes.

NWD Post House

Full service audio and visual post production is available through our in-house & partner Producers, Editors, Motion Graphic Designers and Engineers on two continents.

Color Correcting & Finishing

Finishing is applying the final polish that sets the work apart. Our senior finisher/colorist will apply the look you desire, first by listening to the creative vision and then applying limitless layers of color correction to bring that vision to the screen. Next comes finishing your documentary, commercial, music video or film using native camera formats. Using our high-end finishing systems in both XML and AAF project sequences we are able to maintain the meta-data. This creates a fast and cost effective conform to the creator’s vision. Final output whether tape or file based, is done to with attention to detail and with the experience to get it right the first time. This experience includes outputting projects to the most stringent QC standards for major broadcasters in the US and around the world.

Motion Graphics

In today’s content world motion graphics is used in some form on nearly every project. Having a real understanding of the talent and tools necessary to deliver the filmmakers vision is where it starts. At NWD we understand it is not a one size fits all world. With nearly 30 years in production we have seen the evolution of the art of motion graphics. Using a variety of high-end platforms, industry standard software packages, and both in-house and outsourced talent we can make sure your project is paired with just the right people and tools to deliver your vision. Discover the possibilities.

Post Sound

With an extensive background in post production sound you can rest assured that your words will ring loud and clear. We can deliver the audio sweetening your project needs to stand out. No production is complete without thoughtful sound design, whether it’s nat sound or foley, library music or original score, close your eyes, open your ears, and let us deliver the soundtrack.

Creative Editorial

After the production phase is complete, now it is time to tell the story. Creative editorial brings it all together. Inform, educate, laugh, cry… motivate. Every project has it’s own unique objective. We have the tools and talent. It takes the right seasoned editorial storyteller to set the pace, and find the style that will bring the writer and directors vision to life. We work with editors whose first work is to understand and believe in your story or message. Only then are we ready to help you deliver that story to the world.



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