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Michigan Made Film to Thrill Halloween Moviegoers
“Cut/Print” to Premier on Devil’s Night in Select Michigan Theaters Prior to Worldwide Release

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October 29, 2012 LansingNEW WORLD DISTRIBUTION and ORLANDO ENTERTAINMENT bring you a made-in-Michigan movie set to open in theaters around the world in coming weeks, but fans here in Michigan will get a sneak peek at special premier showings on Devil’s Night, October 30, and Halloween, October 31.

Cut/Print is a psychological thriller directed by DeWitt High School and Michigan State University graduate Nathaniel Nose. In Cut/Print, a group of ambitious filmmakers set out to create the world’s first “reality horror movie.” Their plan was simple; they’d offer a serial killer complete anonymity and a worldwide platform from which to display his work in exchange for genuine footage of his grisly crimes. What ensues is a hellish game of cat and mouse as a cryptic filmmaker, known only as The Maestro, comes out from hiding in search of his “perfect shot.”

“We were thrilled to be able to shoot Cut/Print here in Michigan using a cast and crew made up almost entirely of Michiganders. Now, we’re even more excited to give our state’s moviegoers the opportunity to see it in theaters first,” said producer Jeff Burton, a graduate of Central Michigan University and filmmaker based in mid-Michigan. “We hope the many horror fans here in our state will turn out for these special showings on Devil’s Night and Halloween in support of making movies right here in Michigan.”

Orlando Entertainment president and producer Vince Orlando knows this puts Cut/Print in some pretty big company. “This could be the biggest ‘Michigan Made’ horror release since Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead,” said Orlando.

Cut/Print was shot entirely in St. John’s and Detroit with post-production split between Lansing and Los Angeles. Following the special showings for Michigan audiences, the film will open on several hundreds of screens around the world on Friday, November 2.

poster_cutprintThe premier showings of the movie will be held at the following locations on Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31:

Royal Oak (Emagine Theater)
Lansing (NCG Cinema & Lansing Mall Cinema)
Grand Rapids (Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North & RiverTown locations)
Mt. Pleasant (Celebration Cinema)
Kalamazoo (Goodrich Kalamazoo 10)
Ann Arbor (Goodrich Quality 16 Theater)
Canton (Goodrich Canton Cinema)

More information about Cut/Print is available at www.cutprintmovie.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cutprintmovie, or on Twitter @cut_print.


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