Deliverables Specs.


Your film can only be successfully rolled out if we have the correct resources from you to market and distribute to Theaters, Broadcasters and to Networks. Each tab below contains mandatory specifications for your deliverables to ensure a smooth release of your film. Failing to meet these specifications will delay the project and could incur costs correcting them. Depending on our agreed roll-out plan some tabs might not apply. If you have a problem meeting any of these specifications please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue. Its in both our interest to get this right.

Broadcast Video

Wrapper Attributes
The main program file must be contained in Quicktime .MOV wrapper. In addition to containing all of the video and audio essence tracks, the Quicktime wrapper must contain a valid SMPTE timecode track.
Video Essence Attributes
The video essence portion of the main program file must have the following attributes:
Resolution of 1920 x 1080
Field Dominance set to “upper” for files containing interlaced video
Frame rate as defined by the “Program Materials” exhibit of the NWD program contract. File based masters may use four different frame rates: 23.976 progressive, 25 progressive, 25 interlaced (50) or 29.97 interlaced (59.94) Programs must be delivered in the same frame rate that the production partner used for mastering the program.
Codec: Production partners must use the DnX codec to encode the video essence of the master. Production partners may only use versions V2.3.4 and higher of the DnX codec.
Bit Rate: The master must have a bit rate appropriate to its frame rate and the DnX standard.
o 1080p 23.976: 115 megabits per second (Mb/s)
o 1080p 25: 120 Mb/s
o 1080i 25 (50): 120 Mb/s
o 1080i 29.97 (59.94): 145 Mb/s
Bit Depth: The program master file must have a bit depth of eight (8) bits.
Alpha Channel: NWD does not require an alpha channel layer for the program master file.
Gamma: The program master file must use the ITU-R BT 709-4 gamma and color space.
Aspect ratio of 16:9 full frame
Pixel aspect ratio set to 1:1 (square)
Audio Config
1. Full Mix Stereo L
2. Full Mix Stereo R
3. Mix Minus Narration Stereo L
4. Mix Minus Narration Stereo R
5. Music Stereo L
6. Music Stereo R
7. Effects Stereo L
8. Effects Stereo R
9. M&E Stereo L
10. M&E Stereo R
11. Dialogue Mono
12. Narration/Voiceover Translation Mono

Close Caption
Program content shall be closed captioned as defined in EIA-708-B and EIA-608B. Narrated description of visual action for the vision impaired should be provided. Descriptive video for High Definition should be delivered in stereo.

We need fully texted shows with textless cover shots after the show, or a separate complete textless program. Either seamless or segmented are acceptable.

NWD Leader/Credit
The NWD 5 second leader must be inserted at the head of your film. Several versions are available so they are sympathetic to the nedia. NWD must be listed in your closing credits as “Distributed by New World Distribution”.

Cinema DCP

Below are the simple minimum requirement for a cinema DCP. We will need your film in a HD Quicktime file on a portable hard drive, with the following specifications:

Video:            24 frames per second:  This is the most important part!  If possible your film should be in 24p.  If you shot your film in 60i, or another frame rate, you should consider converting it to 24p before making a DCP.  If 24fps is not possible, your file can also be 25/30/48fps.

Format:          1920×1080 full screen for 16×9 material. Other formats such as 1998×1080 (flat) and 2048×858 (scope) are also acceptable; we can also upres standard definition material

Compression: A variety of compression codecs are acceptable:  The ones that work best include: Apple ProRes, Apple ProRes (HQ), DVCPROHD,  or Uncompressed

Audio:            Minimum 3 channels (Left,Right,Center) or 5.1 (L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS) – audio can be part of the QuickTime file, or provided as separate mono 16 bit/48khz WAV or AIFF files.

Audio Channel

Mapping:        1:Left   2:Right   3:Center   4:Subwoofer  5:Left Surround   6:Right Surround

On-line Distribution

New World Accepts Tape & Uncompressed Digital Files

You may submit your master as a broadcast quality tape or as an uncompressed digital file on a hard drive. The specs required are described below. Regardless of what format you submit, please make sure you can answer NO to the following items that often exist on masters used previously and will cause the master to be rejected:

• NO Ads or Website / URL Information
• NO physical product tags (i.e., DVD, album, concerts, promotions)
• NO release dates
• NO Bars & Tone or Countdowns (Digital Files Only)
• NO Production Slates (Digital Files Only)
• NO Commercial blacks
• NO Ratings information

Digital Release Timeline imageSubmitting Tape Media

You may send any quality broadcast-ready format to us. Please provide masters in the native format in which the content was produced. Masters which have been standards-converted (PAL to/or from NTSC) are not acceptable.

We require that you supply a master that was used for the DVD or better. For example, if your DVD is 4×3 but content is available as 16×9 anamorphic, anamorphic would be the preferred master. If the DVD is 6×9 anamorphic, 4×3 content would not be accepted. If the DVD contains 5.1 audio the digital content must also be submitted with 5.1 audio.

Submittng Your Masters on Digital Hard Drives

You may also send broadcast quality digital files provided they meet the following requirements or are equivalent to the specs below.

SD Digital Betacam*
HD HD CAM* or HD CAM SR (4:2:2)
*For tape deliveries we prefer Digibeta or HD CAM. Submission in any other format will have to be approved by New World prior to submission, and may result in additional costs.

HD-SD Master Spec graph

Good Master vs Bad MasterToday the requirements for delivery have become much more stringent than in the days of DVD. A few digital hits was once acceptable. Now the master will be rejected by the content platform and sent back for another round of post-production.

This creates additional work, expense and delays for the filmmaker.

It all begins with a good master. How do you know you have a good master? We’ve created a special list of the Top Reasons Why Your Masters Fail, available as a download below. Become familiar with this guide and you’ll be on your way to sailing right through delivery.



Within NWD is a marketing and creative agency which is largely responsible for getting your film seen and distributed. Below is a list of minimum materials that we will need to promote your film to our clients and to the public. We pride ourselves in having close working relationships with our film makers and the development of your marketing campaign is always a cooperative process.
(detailed specs to be inserted)
• Synopsis
• Plot, development and actors backgrounds
• Interesting facts
• Festivals
• Trailer(s)
• Any Viral Videos
• Any BTS Videos
• Vector or high resolution Logo
• Any special fonts used
• Poster
• Postcard
• Web banners
• Location shots
• Awards
• Social Web links
• Audio clips including interviews

Existing Merchandise
• Description of each type of Merchandise available
• Vector or high resolution Artwork
• Any audio files for soundtrack recordings with artwork
• Retail & Wholesale pricing
• Fulfillment information






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