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November 15 In Select Carmike Theaters

GenP poster with quote - 150 dpi

New World Distribution announced today a Special “One Night” Only Showing of US/Russian director Victor Ginzburg’s acclaimed Russian film, Generation P. New World Distribution, headed by Cary Floyd, will theatrically release the film on November 15, 2012 in Select Carmike Theaters for college students looking for an intelligent and entertaining “wild ride’ of a film, with additional markets to follow.

Generation P is a ride through the twenty amazing years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, as seen through the eyes of a newly-baked advertising “creator,” who is part of “Generation Pepsi.” The film’s title refers to the first generation of Soviet kids who grew up drinking Pepsi, the only western brand allowed in the Soviet Union and the viral symbol of capitalism that ultimately brought down the Soviet Empire. Incisive, satirical, and playfully clever, the film makes unabashed fun of iconic brands and shows the sudden shattering of 75 years of communist ideology to Capitalism and the warped free market that defines contemporary Russian society.

As we approach the US presidential elections, Russian-American Director Victor Ginzburg’s film Generation P seems remarkably on point. In this epic tale of new Russia coming of age – a world defined by 100 dollar bills, guns, high-stakes advertising and digitized politicians, we see a distorted mirror image of our own world here in the West. Ginzburg brings author Victor Pelevin’s popular cult novel to the screen in this confrontational, occasionally hallucinogenic social satire.

Victor Ginzburg“While the film is certainly about the “Pepsi” generation that rules Russia today, it is also a cyberpunk story of a fall from grace in the world of branding, money worship, virtual politicians and lost ideals,” said Ginzburg,. ”It’s like a warped mirror held up to our own world.”

“Too often, foreign language films with established audiences don’t get the attention and support they deserve,” said the film’s US co-producer Jim Steele. “Cary Floyd and the NWD strategy will allow our audience to embrace the film in North America.”

“We are excited to be working on Generation P,” said New World Distribution founder Cary Floyd. “This is a film that demonstrates the broad appeal of the digital information age. Recent events in Russia make this film extremely relevant, since it tells the whole wild story leading up to Pussy Riot.”

“From a marketing, publicity and social media standpoint, this film provides us with so much ammunition,” said New World Distribution CMO Travis Cloyd. “For example, the spoof commercials of major brands are sure to entertain viewers while simultaneously serving as teasers for the film.”

Generation P NYU Invite Angelika 600x600New York Opening
Friday November 16th

Angelika New York
18 West Houston St
@ Mercer St.
NEW YORK CITY , NY 10012 • 212-995-2570

LA Premiere InviteLos Angeles Opening
Friday November 16th

Sundance Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd.
(Between LAUREL &


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