What’s all the fuss about in Hawaii?

The Same Sex Union Issue Back in Hawaii With a Powerful Swing
12 Oct 2013 Posted by admin in Inside Scoop, NWD News
HI Gov Neil Abercrombie

Governor Neil Abercrombie


BREAKING NEWS — Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has called and budgeted for a special legislative session of Hawaii’s state legislature to work on adopting a same sex marriage law. In fact the Governor submitted is own draft for the bill: The Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013. The special session is scheduled to begin on October 28 and is anticipated to last at least five days.

After a two year heated battle over civil unions, Hawaii adopted a civil unions law in 2011. Filmmaker/ Director Greg Andermann waded deep in the middle of that battle in Hawaii and the Prop 8 firefight in California and the outcome was CHASING RAINBOWS the first neural film on gay marriage. CHASING RAINBOWS covers the battle between the Evangelical church and the LGBT movement in America.

After closely tracking and assessing the issues for the past five years, Filmmaker/Director Greg Andermann has become a defacto subject matter expert on the topic. CHASING RAINBOWS is the first film that explores how and why the Evangelical church and the LGBT feel about the issues and each other.

Filmmaker / Director Greg Andermann

Filmmaker / Director Greg Andermann

The Hawaii conservative churches reacted harshly in 2009 and 2010 towards civil unions and Greg expects an even stronger reaction over marriage equality.

Greg is being tapped by Hawaii News Now – Hawaii’s number one multi-media news agency that spans three TV stations and a large web based presence.

Last night, Hawaii News Now broke an exclusive story on the Hawaii church that has been clandestinely producing mailers assaulting Hawaii legislators over their intention to vote yes on same sex marriage.

Today Greg was scheduled to appear on Hawaii News Now on the 5:00 PM newscast discussing the issues of separation between church and state and the motivations that are driving certain churches to operate clandestinely and underground. That interview has been postponed to next week. It was delayed by a sudden unannounced demonstration by Christians at the Hawaii State Capitol protesting same sex marriage.

Greg is also scheduled to be on Hawaii News Now’s Sunrise Show next Wednesday October 16 at 7:10 AM. Greg will be talking about CHASING RAINBOWS, what he’s learned and how outside militant Christian lobby groups have descended upon Hawaii spreading hearsay, urban myths and half-truths to fight against gay marriage in the aloha state.


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