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Award Winning Film about the Culture of Hawaiian
Surfing and its gift of Aloha to the World! Hawaiian
Red Carpet Premiere Set For Feb. 6th

adsobPremiereJanuary 2013 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Master surf film maker Jack McCoy’s new award-winning film “A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE” is set for a Red Carpet Premiere in Honolulu. McCoy, who was raised in Hawaii, has come home to Oahu to screen his 25th film for a special event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on February 6th. The man behind cult surfing titles such as “Occy the Occumentary” and “Blue Horizon” is honored to share the story of Hawaiian surf culture and its gift of Aloha to the world.

Not a ‘surf movie’ but a film about the art’s deepest roots, it tells the story of surfing as Hawaii’s greatest gift to the world, from its ancient beginnings to a Waikiki tourist attraction, all the way through to today’s $5 billion-a-year global industry. The biggest film of McCoy’s career, “A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE” combines innovative cinematography techniques with a unique narrative structure, to uncover and encapsulate the history and culture of surfing like never before.

Told in 11 cleverly entwined chapters and featuring narratives from today’s leading surfers like South Africa’s radical Jordy Smith, Shipsterns Bluff Tasmanian charger Marti Paradisis, and four-time world woman’s champion Stephanie Gilmore, the film describes the evolution of surfboards, from wooden planks in Hawaii to today’s mindblowing inventions for every type of wave. It also shares how two female surfers played a hugely significant part in surfing’s rise to worldwide fame – Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani who resurrected surfing in the late 1800s after a Missionary ban, and Malibu surfing legend “Gidget” who brought surfing to the masses in the late 1950s through a movie and TV shows. Before Gidget burst onto the surfing scene, there were less than a thousand surfers in the world.

Jack McCoy is dedicating the film to Rell Sunn, known as the Queen Of Makaha, Bud Browne one of the original surf filmmakers, and Jeff Johnson, surfer and environmental activist.

This special night will be highlighted by the music of Hawaii’s Kaukahi, whose song is also featured in the film. There will also be 100 year’s of surfboard evolution on display from the Ancient Olo to the futuristic Foil Board.

HHV 57Many special guests will be on hand to celebrate this special night of Hawaiian surfing including “Da Bull” Greg Noll, Master Craftsman Joe Quigg and legendary Hawaiian surfer Dane Kealoha. Cast members Jamie O’Brien, Terry Chung, The Marshall Brothers, Derek Hynd, Manoa Drollet and Tom Wegener will also be there to share their stories and personal boards.

One of the most unique perspectives ever given in a film about surfing is the ground breaking tracking shots McCoy calls “back stage.” Using a high powered underwater Jet Ski; the filmmaker found that he was able to travel behind a wave, creating underwater images that have never been seen before.

Set to inspire and move surf fanatics and non-surfers alike, “A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE” is driven by an exhilarating soundtrack that includes Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney & Youth and Kaukahi featuring Jack Johnson.

  • I first saw Jack’s work when sent it by a friend of mine the Producer Chris Thomas and I was blown away with the stunning spectacle of Jack’s work. Now that I’ve got to know him I enjoy what he does even more and value greatly his contribution to the world of surfing

    – Paul McCartney

There will be prizes raffled off from WEST SURFING PRODUCTS, HOUSE OF MARLEY, SOL CABANA and airline tickets courtesy of HAWAIIAN AIRLINES. Guests will enjoy the beautiful setting for a red carpet premiere on the Great Lawn at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The premiere is set to take place on Wednesday, February 6th for this magical night to honor the spirit of surfing’s Aloha. Tickets are available for $15 and may be purchased at www.adeepershadeofblue.com or at the door. Doors open at 5:30pm.

Cary Floyd of New World Distribution is teaming with NCM Fathom Events to bring “A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE” to hundreds of select U.S. theaters on Thursday, March 28. For more information or to purchase tickets to the Fathom event, available March 1, visit www.FathomEvents.com.

Event sponsors include Hawaiian Airlines, West Surfing Products, Surfrider, Transworld Surf, Surfer Magazine, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Sol Cabana, and Turtle Bay Resort.

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