NWD acquires rights to distribute In Return

New World Distribution acquires the rights to distribute Chris Dymond's In Return a comedy about Thompson Doinel, an awkward, hopeless romantic who has never had a lasting relationship.
02 Nov 2013 Posted by Cary Floyd in NWD News, Press Releases, Releases & Acquisitions

InReturnFinalREVISED-9x13 Thompson knows his personality isn’t what usually attracts ‘the ladies’ so he’s uncomfortable just being himself.

That is, until he meets Lola, a beautiful young woman who enjoys his offbeat sensibility. The two connect and for the first time in his life Thompson thinks he’s found an honest relationship. However, Lola’s avoided telling Thompson her biggest secret… she’s a street hustler.

As the story progresses, Thompson discovers himself, charms Lola, shows his playboy roommate that true love exists and overcomes two thugs who don’t want to see Lola leave the streets. Thompson realizes that as long as you stay true to yourself, and those you love, others will love you, in return.

SYNOPSIS: THOMPSON DOINEL, mid 20s, works the returns counter at Shop Girls. He’s not a complete loser, but is sullen, and spends a lot of his time polishing his collection of Royal Daulton dishes. He feels like he’s blending into the background, when all he’s ever wanted was to stand out and to experience an honest relationship where he can give, and receive, the loving attention of another—to be the light of someone else’s life.

His roommate RUPERT is a mid-level romance novel cover model that’s always trying to get Thompson to come out with him, but Rupert’s idea of fun consists of hooking up with random women. Rupert insists that the best way to win over a woman is to “lie, lie, and lie.” Thompson, on the other hand, is looking for more—a real connection.

Alone at the CN tower one evening, Thompson meets LOLA, a beautiful young girl that he immediately likes. For Thompson, it’s his first real connection. But, Thompson doesn’t realize Lola is homeless and is running with a pair of thugs.

At work the next day, SANDY, Thompson’s co-worker, insists Thompson finds Lola and asks her out. Thompson returns to the tower, and there’s Lola! She won’t give him her number, but they agree to meet. Their dates reveal that they can be completely honest and comfortable with each other. We discover that there is hope for both Thompson and Lola in their pursuit of love… However, Thompson becomes concerned that Lola isn’t willing to commit; he’s never seen her place and she’s always running off on him.

After a romantic evening with Lola, Thompson walks in on his apartment being robbed. The intruders pistol-whip Thompson into unconsciousness. When he awakes, all his stuff is gone―even his beloved dishes! Thompson believes that Lola has conned him and decides that Rupert’s way of living is the way to “stand out” in life. However, Rupert has changed and learned from Thompson that casual relationships are not nearly as important to us as the relationships we all put time, effort and care into maintaining.

At home one day, Thompson receives a note to go to the Gardiner Museum, where he finds his stolen dishes are on display! Shocked and touched, Thompson searches out Lola. After discovering the Lola was never conning him, Thompson knows that he’s finally found the person he can connect with and be honest with moving forward in life.

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