BBoy for Life

A true story of BBOYS and an active gangster whoʼs worlds collide to discover a bond that is rich in redemption, forgiveness and the pursuit of a dream

BBoy for Life story line

Being a BBoy in Guatemala City carries with it a heavy burden and risk that not all can carry. Gato’s brother was shot and killed by gangs for not identifying other BBoys in his neighborhood.

Many BBoys in Guatemala City live in the ghettos, right next to some of the areas most dangerous gangsters. Because of these gangs lives are crushed and ruined because of violence. BBoys get caught in the middle of this violence.

Leidy is an active gang member who is only 3 days out of prison. Leidy spent 3.5 years in prison for extortion. Extortion was the least of Leidyʼs crimes, but it happened to be what she was caught for. Leidy has a murderous past where she survived on the streets by stealing and killing. Despite Leidy being a mother of 2 boys, she continued her destructive streak until she met the BBoy community.

BBOY for Life documents the struggles of not only break dancers but gangsters. Throughout the film, Leidy struggles with the implications of leaving the gang. Leidy understands what threat this would bring on not only herself, but her entire family.

Despite this threat, Leidy chooses the path of peace and digs in deeper with the BBoy community. Leidyʼs son Jarodht who is 10 years old desires to learn to break dance after seeing Cheez & Gato perform at a street battle. Leidy and Jarodht together seek a sense of renewal through their new found friendships.

BBoy for Life is a human interest story that exposes not only the threat Guatemalans face on a day to day basis, but also the journey toward a life where peace and hope shine more brightly. BBOY For Life has everything you love in a story: triumph over adversity, redemption, forgiveness, love, dreams, and brotherhood– but it’s better. Because it’s true.




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Only three days after her release from a 3 and a half year prison sentence, 34 year-old Leidy (pronounced Lady) got hired onto our production team as a body guard, yet quickly slid from her role as security guard to a lead character in the gripping documentary about gang life in the impoverished streets of Guatemala City. Her return home from prison motivated Leidy to seek ways for her sons to avoid the life of crime and violence she had chosen.

Accompanying the film crew around the city, Leidy expressed, for possibly the first time aloud, her desire to leave her gang, though it would be at the risk of losing her life. Introduced to the b-boy dancers in her community who have chosen dance as an alternative path to gang life, Leidy glimpsed a brighter future for her sons. In a rare moment of transparency, this gun-toting gangster is enabled to lower her weapons and reveal the universal love of a mother and the lengths she will go in order to save her sons.

After the filming of feature length documentary B-Boy for Life, Leidy traded her guns in for books, her gang for a student body. Thanks to a scholarship raised through B-Boy for Life, Leidy is currently attending a school where she is the valedictorian of her class.


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B-boy Cheez, an unlikely hero from the ghettos of Guatemala City, carries the mantle of hope to impoverished and at-risk youth through street dancing.  With steely determination, he and his dance crew battle against the temptations of gang life and train kids to channel their aggression and fears using dance instead of weapons.

A practioner of the style of street dancing that originated in the Puerto Rican ghettos of New York City called b-boying or breaking, Cheez helps lead his dance team Poker Crew in breaking competitions aptly named “battles.” Breaking with his crew to a national victory, Cheez dances his way into the hearts of B-Boy for Life audiences throughout the US.

After the film’s production, Cheez was invited to attend premieres of the film throughout multiple states in the US. As the now father of a two-year-old and the dance instructor at a studio in Guatemala City, Cheez continues to demonstrate a selfless loyalty to his country, a compassion for the impoverished children in his life, and a promise to leave the world a better place than he found it.

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The 21 year-old b-boy dancer wanted nothing more than to continue breaking with his crew and his brother, but when his brother was unexpectedly gunned down by a gangster for protecting the names of the crew members in his ghetto neighborhood, the outlook for Gato’s future darkened. Instead of letting grief and despair break him, B-Boy Gato turned his hopelessness and pain into freedom through dance.

In the past two years, eight of Gato’s friends have been killed by gangs. In the midst of violence, loss, and the devastating cycle of poverty, Gato finds hope and comfort in his dance crew.

Gato preserves daily in his battle against seemingly insurmountable obstacles and yet competes with Poker Crew, now considered one of the best in all of Central America. B-Boy Gato has become a role model to others in his community, moving through an unkind world with refrains of glory and quick measures of hope.

  • Short Synyposis:

    BBOY for Life is a powerful story of struggle, loss, hope and victory. Cheez & Gato are 2 of the best BBoy’s in all of Central America. Together, they and the Poker Crew battle in the streets against some of the worlds toughest gangs and on stage to compete against other dancers who are battling to be the best BBoys in Central America.

  • MPAA: Rated PG-13
  • Duration: 1:20:43
  • Released: December 17, 2013
  • TV System: NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Format(s): HD, 1080p
  • Available Territories: Worldwide
  • Director: Coury Deeb
  • Writer(s): Coury Deeb
  • Producer(s): Coury Deeb
  • Production Co.: Nadus Films
  • Cast: Cheez, Gato, Leidy
  • Crew:
  • Official website:
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  • Screener Available: Yes
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