The Maniac Project

The Maniac Project is set in a crazy world in which murderous maniacs numbers are at an all time high… SOMETIMES ONE MANIAC IS NOT ENOUGH

The Maniac Project story line

In a world in which Maniac Killers are so plentiful that they regularly stumble upon one another and fight to the death, an evil mastermind identifies a financial opportunity. He begins to round up 9 of the most notorious killers to battle in a custom built, camera saturated, wooded arena.  So begins The Maniac Project, the greatest, grind-house style, exploitation, snuff movie ever conceived.

Truly the dirtiest, ugliest, sexiest movie ever made.

Grindhouse thriller “The Maniac Project” – a genre mini-masterpiece sure to delight fans of gritty, bloody exploitation cinema – has been acquired for distribution by New World. In past generations, indie funfests like “The Maniac Project” would be lucky to play for a few weeks at drive-in theaters before disappearing into obscurity; now, thanks to the distribution networks pioneered by Cary Floyd, New World can bring low budget, independent, genre films to a global audience.

In the latter half of the Twentieth Century murder and chaos rains supreme due to the over population of maniacs within society.  Death has become more common than life itself forcing people to stay indoors, leaving the streets and countryside as the setting of horror and violent action.  However, if there is one thing murderous maniacs do not like it is competition. These usually solitary assassins begin to stumble over one another during the course of their daily slaughter, and fight to the death.

A group of such maniacs are assembled by a sinister organisation, lead by a mysterious figure known only as the Mysterious Man, for the soul purpose of Home Video Entertainment in order to battle it out in a custom built, camera saturated, wooded arena.

Like Gladiators they fought until only one survived.  This is that story.  This is The Maniac Project, a fast paced, action packed, exploitative, nightmarish snuff movie.  A nefarious experiment which promises nothing more than survival of the fittest and death to all who fall.

  • Short Synyposis:

    In the latter half of the Twentieth Century a group of maniacs were assembled for the sole purpose of home video entertainment.  Brought together by a sinister consortium these maniacs are forced to battle each other with little to no regard for human safety.  Like Gladiators they fought until only one remained.  This is that story.  This is The Maniac Project.

  • MPAA: Not rated
  • Duration: 1:14:00
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  • TV System: NTSC
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  • Format(s): SD
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