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    Take your last breath.

Carbon capture and sequestration… Could it be the silver bullet that saves our planet from a catastrophic climate change? Or might it present risks of its own? In the new suspense adventure film CO2, a mysterious deadly vapor suffocates a small American coal town. Based on actual events from around the world, CO2 follows a determined group of survivors as they attempt to survive and escape.

Recovery continues in and around the Lake Cavernous State Park area. The timeline of events leading up to the incident will be updated as the information becomes available. However, at present, the information available is incomplete. Please check back soon for updates…

The Joe Show

    Lights, Camera, Power

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the world’s most famous and entertaining law enforcement officer, knows that in today’s politically competitive world of instant fame, politicians need their time in the spotlight. And Joe loves the spotlight.

Response time is compromised for screen time, credibility for celebrity and safety for soundbites. Joe’s desire for fame corrupts everything he stands for and the voters cheer as ratings soar.

Eight years in the making, The Joe Show is a wildly entertaining yet important case study of the increasingly dysfunctional relationship between modern media, politics and law enforcement in America. It’s a tragi-comedy of historic significance.


Larry King • Steven Seagal • Hugh Downs • Ted Nugent • Dan Ariely • Noam Chomsky • Sheriff Joe Arpaio and introducing Lisa Allen


Teacher equality if the ANSWER

Mitchell 20 is a powerful and emotional feature documentary that captures the real story of teachers, education and poverty in our cities. Narrated by Edward James Olmos, this film captures the authentic and poignant story of 20 heroic teachers at an inner city school in Phoenix, Arizona, who come together to improve the quality of their teaching.

The film follows these teachers over three years as they attempt National Board Certification – a program that is the most accurate measure of teacher effectiveness in relation to student achievement. What should have been a nice little story of triumph ended up getting messy… really messy. Involuntary transfers, petitions, insubordination and immigration sweeps added to the challenge that these teachers faced when simply trying to become better teachers. Dan Brown, author, teacher and blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote, “This is a movie that… can tangibly improve education across the country.”

With a soundtrack featuring an original score by The Album Leaf and new arrangements of Motown hits by Nortec Collective, Black Carl and Dry River Yacht Club, Mitchell 20 will inspire you and show you that teacher quality is the answer.

No No: A Dockumentary

On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 136 years of baseball history, only 276 no-hitters have been recorded. Dock is the only pitcher to ever claim he accomplished his while high on LSD.

During his 12 years in the major leagues, Dock lived the expression “Black is Beautiful!” He wore curlers on the field. He stepped out of his Cadillac wearing the widest bell bottoms and the broadest collars. When he put on his uniform, he was one of the most intimidating pitchers of the 1970s.

Dock was often at the forefront of controversy and has been called the “Muhammad Ali of Baseball.” He was an outspoken leader of a new wave of civil rights in sports, when black athletes were no longer content to accept second-class treatment or keep their mouths shut about indignities. For this, the press labeled him a militant.

After Dock retired from baseball, he was as outspoken about his addictions to alcohol and amphetamines (aka “greenies”) as he had been about racial prejudice during his career. He spent his last decades using that blunt honesty as a counselor helping other addicts, until his death from liver disease in 2008.

Since then, the Internet has fueled the legend of Dock Ellis. This will be the first time his legend – and the story of the man behind it – will be told in this feature film.